Resources and Procedures

On Site Calibration Services, Inc. resources offer a Realistic and Cost Effective alternative to replacing "Damaged" or "Out of Spec" instruments ranging from simple Micrometers to Resurfacing and Calibrating Granite Inspection Surface Plates.  We have 20 years of experience and can Calibrate your Instruments to OEM specifications.

All Procedures, Calibration and Certifications qualify for ISO 17025 and ISO 9001-2000.  On Site Calibration Services, Inc. DBMS Gage Management Calibration Program Software has been proven in it's performance and recorded history.  We also specialize in Thread Plug and Thread Ring Gage Calibration, with Calibration Capabilities to measure down to .00001'' Accuracy

On Site Calibration Services, Inc. will come to your facility with our primary climate controlled Mobile Calibration Laboratory.  This eliminates "DOWN TIME" and still provides access to your Precision Measuring Equipment if required.

Compliance Standards

On Site Calibration Services, Inc. is in compliance with ISO 9001-2000, ISO 17025, ANSI Z540-1, ISO 25, Mil Std 45662A and Mil Std 210.


On Site Calibration Services, Inc. covers an area of 200 air miles from Fremont, California.  Customers include Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), True Tech Machine, Applied Aerospace Structures, Reliances Metal Centers, etc.


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On Site Calibration Services, Inc. specializes in the calibration and repair of Precision Measuring Equipment.  Our service provides high accuracy support to Government and Commercial customers who require NIST Traceable Instrumentation.